I finally got 8 hours sleep. Took me 4 days but whatever.

How to survive the early mornings.

Well where do I start? First things first, as soon as you find out your pregnant say bye bye to your lay ins. Your lay ins are loonnggg gone! Your early mornings may start way before your baby is even born, because they are either having a party under your ribs or your constantly up for the toilet. As a new mum or dad you think it will be easy and your the ones that roll your eyes when someone is telling you that they have been up all night with their kid. Trust me the tables will change my dear.

When Zachary was first born the first couple of nights were a dream, slept all night and there was no fuss, well this was easy. We spoke too soon. Until he wanted to eat more, feeding twice a night and I had to pump at 2am and 5am. This is when it started for us. Well at 5am Zac was still asleep but because I had to pump (I needed to get my milk supply higher), I had to put the machine on, as soon as I switched it on Zachary’s eyes were wide awake. Well I don’t blame him because it was like a bloody vacuum, but no way was I getting out of my warm bed to go into the cold early mornings to pump, you must be mad! After I pumped we might as well get up because he wasn’t going back to sleep. I mean I’ve never seen 5am in my life, I didn’t even realise it existed on the clock. There is no television on, its still dark and freezing because our heating has never seen 5am either. The poor house didn’t know what was going off. The early mornings effects everyone and every object.

That was happening till he was about 2 months old, yep you read that right. After a couple of nights we kind of just got used to it, I guess it starts becoming your routine. When we made the decision of me stopping breastfeeding and pumping we only had to get up twice, and it was amazing! Yes, you might still be thinking twice a night is still a lot, but not what we was doing previous, it was slightly getting better.

Then Zac was being bottle fed, still getting up twice a night till he was about 3 months old. We was coping really well, it was now our daily routine. Sometimes he would wake up after 5 but if he didn’t then I would feed him at 5 then let him come into bed with us, and he would sleep for another hour or two. And in them days that’s how we coped with the early mornings, just put him in bed with us to give us at least another hour sleep. You may think ‘oh my god she co sleeps with her baby your not allowed’. Horse poop, you do whatever you think is best there’s nothing wrong in letting your baby come into bed with you, sometimes you have to break the rules. You obviously need to be safe and sensible but your new parents your the most cautious people out there.

When he was feeding more and being more active in the day he started waking up once a night and we would be getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning. So our routine now is get him bathed and bed at half 7 then he would wake up about 4 for a bottle then up at 6, they’re rough times by the way no one can be dead on time but always have a guide line. What I find in the mornings is to just simply, GET UP. You would of never of guessed that 😉 Never, ever fight with a child that wants to play at 6am, they always win, I’ve tried. So the best way is to get up, have a shower straight away, get changed, do your hair and make up, then make your way downstairs. Then you are basically ready for the day. I make sure I do all my little jobs downstairs like change his nappy, feed the pets outside and feed Zac his breakfast. Then he would have a nap I can then feed myself and do the pots. Well ah! we are ready.

If I got up and went downstairs in my pj’s and dressing gown I am not motived one bit. I feel like Garfield the cat, legs up eating last nights lasagne and staring into the tv until my little kitten screams for food. So what I’m trying to say is no matter how many times your little Satan wakes up in the night, always get ready as soon as you get out of bed. No matter how tired you feel, that shower will wake you up. Trust me. Go downstairs and add a coffee (I never drank coffee until I become a mum) on the to do list and you’ll have more energy to go about your day.

Don’t worry about your early mornings to come or if you’ve just started them, you do just naturally get on with it. There little face looking at you in the mornings makes your tiredness go away. When they nap you nap, even if its for 10 mins, every second of sleep counts. Its easier said than done because I never did, but everyone’s different.

Things definitely get better and you start learning things and how your baby copes with a routine. Believe in yourself and stay positive and so will your baby.

Brain farts… what do you call them?

Before I even became a mother I did have these so called ‘brain farts’. If your wondering what the hell I’m talking about, the google term is ‘a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly’. Oh and I love this, google also says “Your brain actually consumes more energy than any other organ in your body, so every once in a while it likes to take a break. All of a sudden you will forget something, or make a mistake while doing an habitual task that usually relies on memory and reflexes. … you just had a brain fart”. So have you ever had a brain fart?

So before I even go ahead and tell you my journey of brain farts, it has actually took me days to write this blog because I keep forgetting to do it. So its a good start! When I became a teenager, the so called brain farts started happening. To the point I thought I might have Dyslexia, or adhd. Many teenagers are diagnosed with these disorders, but I can hold my head up high and say I’m just truly stupid, sometimes. I’ll be writing something (like these blogs) and I’ll do a long pause…how do you spell whooping? Obviously I could say it out loud but could I spell it? oh no no no. Wooping, woping, wopping? Nope doesn’t looking right, I’m gonna have to ask. When I’m told it you just want to kick yourself and think, omg how stupid?

But now I’ve become a mum its got worse. My brain has been farting so much I’m surprised I even remember to type on a computer. Ok so here are a few examples. The other week Zachary was crying and crying, he wanted a nap, I knew that bit but where the hell was his dummy. In his bouncer, nope. Downstairs on the sofa, nope. Upstairs in our bedroom, nope. In his car chair, nope. Where the hell is this dummy, I’ve looked everywhere it could possibly be, and why is it when a baby is screaming it puts so much pressure on you, I would rather do another driving test. Anyway where was it? attached to him wasn’t it. Great.

Ever wondered into a room and thought ‘why am I in here for?’ Yep sounds familiar? well now I think what I want, get up the stairs and think ‘why am I going upstairs’. Its getting that bad. Oh well, they say retrace your steps and it will come to you, well to be honest I couldn’t tell you my last steps 5 minutes ago, so we’re stuffed. If I’ve forgot it, I’ve forgot it. Tough. My mum and I recently had a day planned, go to Sainsburys, get a photo printed and sign Zac up to our local library. A very productive day if I may say, so we got everything together, get to Sainsburys and guess what? We forgot the pram… so we ended up carrying Zac in the car chair. Two mum minds shouldn’t work as one, just laugh and carry on.

Lastly, I have got into a habit of getting Zachary in the car and any bags I have for the day, locking the front door and driving off. Not to my destination, but around the block. Could I remember if I locked the door? HA NO! what the hell! So I’m having to get out the car, unlock the door, to show any of my neighbours that might be watching that I’ve ‘forgotten something’. Or even pretending to be on my phone so they don’t think I’m just coming to check my door, like I did the day before.

So next time you have brain fart, think of me doing a lap of the block every morning. Shake it off, start again, you’ve got this! Embrace the farts and laugh. Ha, ha, ha.

I didn’t know who was more scared. Zachary or Jamie?

Walking into the surgery, checking in, Zachary just looking up at us. He had no clue where we were or why we’re here. Bing, ‘Mr Zachary Cheetham’. Oh god, my palms are sweating, I’m getting nervous, I’m a right mess. Doctor “Hello welcome”, I thought ‘welcome’ what’s welcome about this we’re not in a spa. Doctor “right then, first set of jabs”, yep just get on with it. “So we’re injecting Zachary today with, blah, blah and blah”, like we know what they are talking about. Please just get on with it, Zac was smiling and looking around, literally had no clue what was about to happen. I tried telling him at home what was going to happen but he would just stare back blank, whether that was a face of ‘I don’t understand what you’re saying’ or ‘omg are you serious’. Jamie and I discussed that he would hold Zac but I kind of wish I thought the same. She brings out the needle that is as long as a bio pen, no I’m not exaggerating, and sticks it straight into his legs. Yes, leg’s, both of them. Jab, jab, jab three in total. After the first one the smile on Zachary’s face wiped off so quickly, looked at me with a long neck to say ‘you was right!’…

From this day you never do realise how protective you are over your baby. So the time comes for your baby to have his or hers first set of Jabs. Eight weeks old already, how fast has that time gone! So none of you know what’s going to happen behind them doors if your new parents, so I’m here to tell you. You get a letter through the post with your babies name on, I thought ‘wow Zachary your first bill’. Telling you a date and time you need to go to where you signed your baby up, whether that’s your local GP or a family clinic. You know your little red book that should follow you everywhere but doesn’t, yeah you need to bring this along its very important. So on the first visit you should have two appointments booked, one for the doctor to do the checks you had in hospital for your baby and two to the nurse to have their jabs. So the first appointment is always quite nice, get them undressed down to their nappies and the doctor checks their eyes, legs, fingers, head and more. Basically a M.O.T check old people have, the circle of life. And the second appointment is the dreaded jabs. Obviously I had to get doctor google out a couple of days before just to familiarise myself what is going to happen. I’m sure most of us did, and instantly regretted it. I thought, its three jabs all together, no no and no. Two in one leg and one in the other.

8 week jabs contain :
6-in-1 vaccine ,
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine ,
Rotavirus vaccine and MenB vaccine.

I’ve included links to the NHS website if you want further information on them. So where was I? oh… ‘Zachary’s face wiped off so quickly, looked at me with a long neck to say ‘you was right!’…’ So the doctor did mention he’s going to cry a cry that you’ve never heard of before and its ok if you cry too. Excuse me? Me cry you must be having a laugh. She was so quick one needle in the next shortly followed, Zachary screaming and going bright red in the face. What did I do? I laughed, yep I laughed. I laughed because if I didn’t I would of cried. I felt like I couldn’t cry because I didn’t want Zac to see me upset. I went straight up to him gave him a kiss and started getting his joggers back on. She was telling us to give him at least three dosages of Calpol and see if a fever progresses if so to carry on a further 24hrs. He soon settled down in the car but when we got home we was so scared to pick him up, you know how it is when you have a jab in your arm and how dead and sore it goes afterwards, could you image both your legs? But all I could do is cuddle him and tell him its okay and the pain will go away.

Well what you don’t know is Jamie is so frightened of needles he had to close his eyes when the needles came out. Bless him. I was saying to Jamie “did you see the bio pen style needle?” and he simply replied “and the rest”. HA. However what Zachary didn’t know is that he had it all over again in the next four weeks and the next four weeks after that.

The next jabs they have is their 12 week jabs and these include:

6-in-1 vaccine,
Rotavirus vaccine

Only 2 jabs you say but you’ll have the same outcome, trust me. The next jabs after that is their 16 week jabs and theses are exactly the same as the first. All I have to say is prepare yourself. I’ts not nice for the baby or even yourself. Some babies do get really ill after, most commonly get a fever but a bit of Calpol over a few hours will sort that out. Zachary was really lucky and none of the jabs caused him to be ill, just a bit of discomfort. Loads of cuddles and kisses, warm baths and rest. You cant resist in having a sniff of Calpol either it brings your childhood back. ‘Your welcome’.

All the alcoholics, where you at, lets go!

So this night was Me and Jamie, I have been out with a few friends before but this was the first time I got absolutely got s**t faced. So we was 3 months in and we haven’t had any time together, Jamie would come home from work, have an hour with Zachary and we would take him to bed. We would then be too tired to do anything else so we just sat in silence watching tv. So one night, I turned around to Jamie and said “right me and you need a date night, 1st March, dinner and drinks”. Obviously I sorted my Mum and Dad to have Zac for the night, and it was on. Mum and dad came round to collect Zachary and all his belongings, we said a teary goodbye, his little face looking at me when he’s going down the drive to say “well aren’t you coming with”. Sad. But… I knew me and Jamie needed this.

We booked a table at revolution de cuba, fav place, and we said we will see where the night takes us. We was getting ready with music blasting out the speaker, singing, dancing and not being quiet or acting like ninjas because there’s a sleeping samurai in the corner. A standard night out getting ready with me is not knowing what to wear, I kind of had an idea in my head but it never looks right on. I had trousers and a body suit on, to a red playsuit and ended up with a off shoulder bodycon dress. Jamie wore a shirt I got him for Christmas, even fit his dad bod, I did good. HAHA. Oh and some jeans of course! We booked the table for 8pm and we got there just on time.

We had a tapas spread including, pork belly, honey glazed veg, roasted chorizo and mojito prawns. Mouth watering. We obviously had more but I don’t want to bore you with the whole menu, we also ordered a “tea pot”, filled with gin. Ten o’clock was creeping up and I was getting tired, shock. My body was thinking ‘this is your chance to have a good night sleep, don’t ruin it’. Jamie was knocking back the gin like it was pop and I could tell he was getting disappointed with me. Come on Teegan bring your game, you can do this, bring your inner devil mum out. Anyway after we paid the bill we headed straight to my brothers bar, be at one, if anyone is interested.

Surprisingly, it was quiet so we managed to get a seat in the middle of the dance floor. We got our first cocktails and the music was starting to get good, this is my vibe and I’m ready to get absolutely tiddled. I remembered a night me and mum was out and someone made a shot with baileys in it, anyone that knows Jamie and I, we LOVE baileys. So I asked Josh (my brother for future reference) and we told him to just make whatever he pleased, this is where it could get messy. He made us a shot with three layers in it, and even looking at it was making me think this pork belly is going to come back up. Jamie was hesitant so I just took the plunge and knocked it back, omg it was so nice. So Jamie did his and was happy we didn’t see any food come back. But then we had the taste for them and Josh was mixing us baileys with mint, baileys with tia maria and by the time we knew it we had about 6 shots each. Not very ‘parenty’. So the shots started kicking in whilst sipping on cocktails and I look over the dance floor and see a familiar face, who is that, I know her from somewhere. NO WAY… its my midwife!

She recognised me first, but I’m not surprised because either I haven’t blinked in ages so my contact lenses have dried up or I was definitely seeing two. She came straight over and we had a good chat and of course showing her some pictures of Zachary. Awrr how nice was that? I nearly cried, we had such a good delivery and she was so good to both of us so she’s definitely got a place in our hearts. She was out with a bunch of other midwifes and what could I do? buy them all shots. So acting like a spy for about half an hour, because Josh had gone on a break, making sure they didn’t leave, I text josh saying “I need 10 shots and make it quick”. So I got them all a shot, I can be a nice person (as long as the shots are cheap, family rates).

The shots are now in my blood stream and Jamie and I are having a good dance on the dance floor, we was having a great time. I was missing Zac so much but deep down you and your partner need some time like this together after having a baby. Its only being sane. We started getting tired and Jamie was looking if an uber was near by. I was that drunk two people came to sit on our table, we didn’t mind, and I started showing them pictures of Zachary. What can I say I’m just a proud mum showing of our beautiful boy, but it was time to call it a night and off we went home.

“We need to pull over”, yep I was sick. I’ve never had to pull a taxi over before but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. We got home, got undressed and straight to bed, well tried, in-between being sick. We woke up feeling pretty rough and we didn’t pick Zac up till about 3pm. Oh his little face, I missed him so much but Jamie and I felt like we had our bonding time we needed and it was time to get back to looking after this little monkey.

Will we do it again? we’ll see…

What will my newborn baby look like?

Throughout my pregnancy I was always thinking, what will my baby look like? and who will they look like?. At the start of the pregnancy we wasn’t going to find out what we was having, Jamie has always said he wanted it to be a surprise at the end. I also thought it might make me push harder because I was dying to find out what we was having. Wishful thinking. It came to the 20 week scan and the midwife said would we like to know and Jamie went “shall we just find out?”, I had no other option, this was my chance. Very clearly we saw we was having a boy, he was covering his face but had his legs wide open for us to see. And since then I couldn’t stop looking at my scan photos.

He had a cute button nose, long fingers, pouty lips and very long legs, they were off the scale every time we got him measured. I started Googling what green and brown eyes make, even apps where you put you and your partners face together to make your baby’s face. HA! what was I thinking? But what will your baby look like when they finally reach the surface. In the moment of birth your very last push or even if you had a caesarean, you get passed your baby, you don’t really look at them straight away. You don’t do this because one, your crying so much your eyes just wont focus and two, you’ll have a quick look and your baby will be going to have its first checks. What you’ve seen on TV and movies where they come out all clean and looking plump, don’t expect it.

Your first appearances of your baby they might be covered in blood and be wet from the amniotic fluid. Some may also have vernix in the folds of their skin, this is what protected their skin in the womb. You can ask if you would like your baby cleaned before they’re passed to you, I did put this in my birthing plan. However when it comes to the time you really don’t care what is on your baby. They’re here safe and your having your first bonding moment. Usually babies born before their due date will have more vernix, whereas babies born a little late like Zachary did, will have less.

The moment a baby enters the world they may look a bit purple or grey as they have yet to breathe properly. When they do they will turn a lovely pink, red colour. Zachary was lovely and pink when he entered the world but his hands and feet were very purple, after a hour passed they were nice and rosy. If your baby is born vaginally, their head may be a slightly strange shape, but don’t worry this is only temporary. Their heads go a cone shape allowing them to fit through the birth canal, but it will resolve in a few days. Zachary was born vaginally but also had ventouse which is a vacuum extraction, so his head was a little pointed but again it was temporary.

Their eyes may be swollen and their lips may be a little fish like, but can you image being squeezed through a tight hole and having lights and strange faces looking at you? I think you would look and act the same. You was all warm and safe and now your being pulled out into a world you don’t know, you need to make a big entrance. Newborns may also look like they are crossed eyed during the first 12 weeks but as their vision develops this should disappear.

Its amazing how their appearances change every week. The swelling goes down and their skin starts becoming a normal colour. Some of their hair may start falling out and new hair will start to grow. Eye lashes will start to form and their eyes will become more straight and focused.

Zachary was born 9 days late and luckily he came out perfect. He hardly had any blood on him and had no vernix. He was nice and pink except his hands and feet but I can get over that. He didn’t cry straight away so I did panic but the midwifes and all the doctors said he was fine just making a silly noise. Great, already causing trouble from the start. Then he let out a big scream, when he was passed to me. My baby, my love, I’ve never felt this love before. How perfect can someone be? He had a little hair on his head and weighed 8pound 1oz, a chunky monkey. I was told I was going to have a small baby so my last point is never listen to what the midwife says about the size of your baby just nod and say ‘ok’. What did your baby look like? And what was your first thoughts when you saw them?

Just keep swimming.

I know the last blog I did was about Zachary’s favourite activities, but I would like to share our first time swimming. Swimming is our most FAV activity, we get to splash about, and suck on daddy’s hand, who would of thought this whole pool was a free drink! Yes Zachary likes to act like a sucker fish on Jamie’s hand because I think he thinks its a big drink we all swim in. (We don’t let him drink the water if your getting concerned).

Anyway first day swimming, how exciting! My mum and dad brought us a course at a leisure centre in Nottingham for 15 weeks, so our job is to just get there. Well first you have to pack everything. He has his own little swim bag and the night before we made sure we packed the essentials. Essentials I mean a towel, just a baby towel will do, I either sat on it so it was nice and warm or we just kept it to one side so it was easier to wrap him up as soon as he came out of the water. Swim nappies (yes they are a thing), they are pull ups and they don’t swell in water! How clever. Nappies, just to change into afterwards. Baby wash and baby moisturiser, we always wash Zachary after swimming because of the chemicals in the water. The moisturiser just makes sure his skin is protected. Lastly don’t forget their swimsuit, we brought him a little all in one swimsuit, which by the way is so adorable. It has little elasticated arm and leg seals so no dirties can get out. We also made sure we had our normal changing bag, with some spare clothes in and some milk to make up when we were there. We was told that babies get really thirsty after swimming. Oh and Jamie had to pack his bag as well.

So Saturday morning came and we was all so excited but obviously Zachary didn’t have a clue what was going off. We had a normal morning, we made sure he had his breakfast so he wouldn’t be throwing a tantrum in the water, and he also likes to have a morning poo, my God could you image that following you at swimming. YUK, sorry TMI. We packed the car up and we got there about 11.15am, session starts at 11.30am. Right, how to get this swimsuit on? I mean its got to be tight but either we got the wrong size or Zac just had Michelin man style legs and arms. After about 10 minutes and a little moan because his arms got glued beside him, we got it on. Everything in the locker and Jamie took him round the corner and I sat to watch.

There’s just something about watching babies swim and wearing their little two pieces or swim shorts, if you didn’t have a baby your ovaries would definitely hurt. All their heads bobbing up and down, little arms and legs going and there is Zachary, blank, stern face looking in the distance. “I’m too big for this, why have you took me here, and what have you dressed me in”. One good thing is he didn’t cry, that’s a positive right?

Half an hour flew by and that was the session over. He did really well, Jamie I mean not Zac. HA! I met them in the shower gave him a quick wash and started to get him changed. He was all smiles and shivering … quick! Bless, he was so cold but soon to be dried and warm. He had 4oz of milk and fell straight to sleep in the car journey home.

Lessons we have learnt from this one session is that we didn’t need as much stuff, we nearly half it now. We just take his small swim bag with a spare baby grow in it and a already made bottle, they last 2 hours so saves you rushing to make one after. We used to carry a flask, milk power, bottles and cooled boiled water. That was another bag to add. I suppose your first time you pack everything, the more bags you have the more you feel like you have. However now we have the hang of it, Zachary’s little pack bag and Jamie’s bag is all we need. Makes the trip a lot easier and a lot faster especially if your going alone.

We have been to 6 sessions already and each one is he improving. His legs are starting to kick and he’s starting to crack a smile. We want him to love the water as much as his dad does, I’m not too confident in water and I don’t want to pass my fear onto him.

I would recommend going swimming with your baby, you can take them whenever you feel comfortable too, there is no age limit either. Some benefits of taking your baby swimming are,

  • Swimming is quality bonding time. Time in the pool is one of the few times when your child has your undivided attention.
  • Swimming helps to build muscles. It effectively helps to make them stronger.
  • Swimming improves coordination and balance. Because there weight is supported by water, the main focus for them is to concentrate on balance.
  • And lastly, swimming is one of the best loved family activities it starts building water confidence at a early age.

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Happy swimming little ones!

Messy hair, Coffee, Yoga pants. #momlife

This is probably the last thing you’ll think about but when you’ve been stuck inside for a few weeks or a month, you’ll start searching ‘what baby activities are in my area’. You’ve never been that person that goes out and talk to strangers or even interacts with babies but now your begging for it. There’s nothing more you want than to talk to real life adults and breathe in fresh air, I mean your a mum/dad now, you are a changed person. So with all your might and gut you’ve searched on google ‘things to do with my newborn’. Who would of thought.

So when Zachary was born we had our last discharge appointment at the midwifes, for those that don’t know what this is, this is your last appointment with your community midwife. To be honest with you it’s quite daunting, you’ve grown this relationship with her and now its time to say goodbye and get passed to the health visitor. Anyway, when you’ve been going to see your midwife did you see the play group that was going off in the other room? You look at the other kids thinking ‘awwr aren’t they cute’ and ‘omg I’m going to have one of my own soon’. Until one snotty one comes out and you think ‘omg what have I done’ HA! joking, I’m joking. However part of you knows that your going to have to join that group or a group like it, because it is good for you and for your little one. Most of them you sign up for free, some you pay a small amount for an hour or some you pay in a block and go every week.

Do some researching, you’ll be surprised what is around in your area. There will be a lot of stuff going on and you’ll be overwhelmed by it all, well I was anyway. Baby yoga, baby swimming, baby pilates, baby gymnastics, baby sensory and the list goes on. Where the hell do you start! Easy enough, do one for once a week for a couple of weeks, see if you like it and see if baby likes it. Either then add another activity on a different day of the week and so on, if not drop the one you think you don’t like and start a new one.

Zachary and I have and still are going to baby sensory on a Thursday, baby gymnastics on Friday and swimming on Saturday. I sometimes take him swimming on a Tuesday but depends how we’re both feeling, meaning what time we get up and if one of us have got up on the wrong side of the bed. Cough cough, Zachary. I was scared to go to these groups because I have no clue what I was doing, but we got up and I packed our bags making sure I had nappies, spare clothes and milk. You’ll be surprised how many new mums and dads are in the same position as you, and you never feel out of place. You automatically talk to people and within minutes your laughing and even interacting with their babies too. That’s when reality hits and you think ‘I am a changed person’. Your confidence comes out and when everyone is putting their coats on to go home, your already saying ‘see you next week’. Done, that 45 to an hour session has finished, you’ve got out and had a proper conversation and also your baby has met different people and learnt something new.

After that one you do you are now a pro. Out the door, bags packed, and rearing to go. All I can say is get out there, join groups don’t be scared or shy, your a mother! Everyone is or have been in the same situation and no one is judging. Even if you have baby sick on your shoulder, your hair looks like you’ve been dragged through a bush and you have designer bags under your eyes. I mean the attention is off you now, everyone just looks at the baby nowadays so your in the clear. Embrace the mum look and join other mums looking the same as you.

Pictures below have a link to where we do gymnastics, check if there is a leisure centre near you!