Brain farts… what do you call them?

Before I even became a mother I did have these so called ‘brain farts’. If your wondering what the hell I’m talking about, the google term is ‘a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly’. Oh and I love this, google also says “Your brain actually consumes more energy than any other organ in your body, so every once in a while it likes to take a break. All of a sudden you will forget something, or make a mistake while doing an habitual task that usually relies on memory and reflexes. … you just had a brain fart”. So have you ever had a brain fart?

So before I even go ahead and tell you my journey of brain farts, it has actually took me days to write this blog because I keep forgetting to do it. So its a good start! When I became a teenager, the so called brain farts started happening. To the point I thought I might have Dyslexia, or adhd. Many teenagers are diagnosed with these disorders, but I can hold my head up high and say I’m just truly stupid, sometimes. I’ll be writing something (like these blogs) and I’ll do a long pause…how do you spell whooping? Obviously I could say it out loud but could I spell it? oh no no no. Wooping, woping, wopping? Nope doesn’t looking right, I’m gonna have to ask. When I’m told it you just want to kick yourself and think, omg how stupid?

But now I’ve become a mum its got worse. My brain has been farting so much I’m surprised I even remember to type on a computer. Ok so here are a few examples. The other week Zachary was crying and crying, he wanted a nap, I knew that bit but where the hell was his dummy. In his bouncer, nope. Downstairs on the sofa, nope. Upstairs in our bedroom, nope. In his car chair, nope. Where the hell is this dummy, I’ve looked everywhere it could possibly be, and why is it when a baby is screaming it puts so much pressure on you, I would rather do another driving test. Anyway where was it? attached to him wasn’t it. Great.

Ever wondered into a room and thought ‘why am I in here for?’ Yep sounds familiar? well now I think what I want, get up the stairs and think ‘why am I going upstairs’. Its getting that bad. Oh well, they say retrace your steps and it will come to you, well to be honest I couldn’t tell you my last steps 5 minutes ago, so we’re stuffed. If I’ve forgot it, I’ve forgot it. Tough. My mum and I recently had a day planned, go to Sainsburys, get a photo printed and sign Zac up to our local library. A very productive day if I may say, so we got everything together, get to Sainsburys and guess what? We forgot the pram… so we ended up carrying Zac in the car chair. Two mum minds shouldn’t work as one, just laugh and carry on.

Lastly, I have got into a habit of getting Zachary in the car and any bags I have for the day, locking the front door and driving off. Not to my destination, but around the block. Could I remember if I locked the door? HA NO! what the hell! So I’m having to get out the car, unlock the door, to show any of my neighbours that might be watching that I’ve ‘forgotten something’. Or even pretending to be on my phone so they don’t think I’m just coming to check my door, like I did the day before.

So next time you have brain fart, think of me doing a lap of the block every morning. Shake it off, start again, you’ve got this! Embrace the farts and laugh. Ha, ha, ha.