I didn’t know who was more scared. Zachary or Jamie?

Walking into the surgery, checking in, Zachary just looking up at us. He had no clue where we were or why we’re here. Bing, ‘Mr Zachary Cheetham’. Oh god, my palms are sweating, I’m getting nervous, I’m a right mess. Doctor “Hello welcome”, I thought ‘welcome’ what’s welcome about this we’re not in a spa. Doctor “right then, first set of jabs”, yep just get on with it. “So we’re injecting Zachary today with, blah, blah and blah”, like we know what they are talking about. Please just get on with it, Zac was smiling and looking around, literally had no clue what was about to happen. I tried telling him at home what was going to happen but he would just stare back blank, whether that was a face of ‘I don’t understand what you’re saying’ or ‘omg are you serious’. Jamie and I discussed that he would hold Zac but I kind of wish I thought the same. She brings out the needle that is as long as a bio pen, no I’m not exaggerating, and sticks it straight into his legs. Yes, leg’s, both of them. Jab, jab, jab three in total. After the first one the smile on Zachary’s face wiped off so quickly, looked at me with a long neck to say ‘you was right!’…

From this day you never do realise how protective you are over your baby. So the time comes for your baby to have his or hers first set of Jabs. Eight weeks old already, how fast has that time gone! So none of you know what’s going to happen behind them doors if your new parents, so I’m here to tell you. You get a letter through the post with your babies name on, I thought ‘wow Zachary your first bill’. Telling you a date and time you need to go to where you signed your baby up, whether that’s your local GP or a family clinic. You know your little red book that should follow you everywhere but doesn’t, yeah you need to bring this along its very important. So on the first visit you should have two appointments booked, one for the doctor to do the checks you had in hospital for your baby and two to the nurse to have their jabs. So the first appointment is always quite nice, get them undressed down to their nappies and the doctor checks their eyes, legs, fingers, head and more. Basically a M.O.T check old people have, the circle of life. And the second appointment is the dreaded jabs. Obviously I had to get doctor google out a couple of days before just to familiarise myself what is going to happen. I’m sure most of us did, and instantly regretted it. I thought, its three jabs all together, no no and no. Two in one leg and one in the other.

8 week jabs contain :
6-in-1 vaccine ,
Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine ,
Rotavirus vaccine and MenB vaccine.

I’ve included links to the NHS website if you want further information on them. So where was I? oh… ‘Zachary’s face wiped off so quickly, looked at me with a long neck to say ‘you was right!’…’ So the doctor did mention he’s going to cry a cry that you’ve never heard of before and its ok if you cry too. Excuse me? Me cry you must be having a laugh. She was so quick one needle in the next shortly followed, Zachary screaming and going bright red in the face. What did I do? I laughed, yep I laughed. I laughed because if I didn’t I would of cried. I felt like I couldn’t cry because I didn’t want Zac to see me upset. I went straight up to him gave him a kiss and started getting his joggers back on. She was telling us to give him at least three dosages of Calpol and see if a fever progresses if so to carry on a further 24hrs. He soon settled down in the car but when we got home we was so scared to pick him up, you know how it is when you have a jab in your arm and how dead and sore it goes afterwards, could you image both your legs? But all I could do is cuddle him and tell him its okay and the pain will go away.

Well what you don’t know is Jamie is so frightened of needles he had to close his eyes when the needles came out. Bless him. I was saying to Jamie “did you see the bio pen style needle?” and he simply replied “and the rest”. HA. However what Zachary didn’t know is that he had it all over again in the next four weeks and the next four weeks after that.

The next jabs they have is their 12 week jabs and these include:

6-in-1 vaccine,
Rotavirus vaccine

Only 2 jabs you say but you’ll have the same outcome, trust me. The next jabs after that is their 16 week jabs and theses are exactly the same as the first. All I have to say is prepare yourself. I’ts not nice for the baby or even yourself. Some babies do get really ill after, most commonly get a fever but a bit of Calpol over a few hours will sort that out. Zachary was really lucky and none of the jabs caused him to be ill, just a bit of discomfort. Loads of cuddles and kisses, warm baths and rest. You cant resist in having a sniff of Calpol either it brings your childhood back. ‘Your welcome’.