All the alcoholics, where you at, lets go!

So this night was Me and Jamie, I have been out with a few friends before but this was the first time I got absolutely got s**t faced. So we was 3 months in and we haven’t had any time together, Jamie would come home from work, have an hour with Zachary and we would take him to bed. We would then be too tired to do anything else so we just sat in silence watching tv. So one night, I turned around to Jamie and said “right me and you need a date night, 1st March, dinner and drinks”. Obviously I sorted my Mum and Dad to have Zac for the night, and it was on. Mum and dad came round to collect Zachary and all his belongings, we said a teary goodbye, his little face looking at me when he’s going down the drive to say “well aren’t you coming with”. Sad. But… I knew me and Jamie needed this.

We booked a table at revolution de cuba, fav place, and we said we will see where the night takes us. We was getting ready with music blasting out the speaker, singing, dancing and not being quiet or acting like ninjas because there’s a sleeping samurai in the corner. A standard night out getting ready with me is not knowing what to wear, I kind of had an idea in my head but it never looks right on. I had trousers and a body suit on, to a red playsuit and ended up with a off shoulder bodycon dress. Jamie wore a shirt I got him for Christmas, even fit his dad bod, I did good. HAHA. Oh and some jeans of course! We booked the table for 8pm and we got there just on time.

We had a tapas spread including, pork belly, honey glazed veg, roasted chorizo and mojito prawns. Mouth watering. We obviously had more but I don’t want to bore you with the whole menu, we also ordered a “tea pot”, filled with gin. Ten o’clock was creeping up and I was getting tired, shock. My body was thinking ‘this is your chance to have a good night sleep, don’t ruin it’. Jamie was knocking back the gin like it was pop and I could tell he was getting disappointed with me. Come on Teegan bring your game, you can do this, bring your inner devil mum out. Anyway after we paid the bill we headed straight to my brothers bar, be at one, if anyone is interested.

Surprisingly, it was quiet so we managed to get a seat in the middle of the dance floor. We got our first cocktails and the music was starting to get good, this is my vibe and I’m ready to get absolutely tiddled. I remembered a night me and mum was out and someone made a shot with baileys in it, anyone that knows Jamie and I, we LOVE baileys. So I asked Josh (my brother for future reference) and we told him to just make whatever he pleased, this is where it could get messy. He made us a shot with three layers in it, and even looking at it was making me think this pork belly is going to come back up. Jamie was hesitant so I just took the plunge and knocked it back, omg it was so nice. So Jamie did his and was happy we didn’t see any food come back. But then we had the taste for them and Josh was mixing us baileys with mint, baileys with tia maria and by the time we knew it we had about 6 shots each. Not very ‘parenty’. So the shots started kicking in whilst sipping on cocktails and I look over the dance floor and see a familiar face, who is that, I know her from somewhere. NO WAY… its my midwife!

She recognised me first, but I’m not surprised because either I haven’t blinked in ages so my contact lenses have dried up or I was definitely seeing two. She came straight over and we had a good chat and of course showing her some pictures of Zachary. Awrr how nice was that? I nearly cried, we had such a good delivery and she was so good to both of us so she’s definitely got a place in our hearts. She was out with a bunch of other midwifes and what could I do? buy them all shots. So acting like a spy for about half an hour, because Josh had gone on a break, making sure they didn’t leave, I text josh saying “I need 10 shots and make it quick”. So I got them all a shot, I can be a nice person (as long as the shots are cheap, family rates).

The shots are now in my blood stream and Jamie and I are having a good dance on the dance floor, we was having a great time. I was missing Zac so much but deep down you and your partner need some time like this together after having a baby. Its only being sane. We started getting tired and Jamie was looking if an uber was near by. I was that drunk two people came to sit on our table, we didn’t mind, and I started showing them pictures of Zachary. What can I say I’m just a proud mum showing of our beautiful boy, but it was time to call it a night and off we went home.

“We need to pull over”, yep I was sick. I’ve never had to pull a taxi over before but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. We got home, got undressed and straight to bed, well tried, in-between being sick. We woke up feeling pretty rough and we didn’t pick Zac up till about 3pm. Oh his little face, I missed him so much but Jamie and I felt like we had our bonding time we needed and it was time to get back to looking after this little monkey.

Will we do it again? we’ll see…