What will my newborn baby look like?

Throughout my pregnancy I was always thinking, what will my baby look like? and who will they look like?. At the start of the pregnancy we wasn’t going to find out what we was having, Jamie has always said he wanted it to be a surprise at the end. I also thought it might make me push harder because I was dying to find out what we was having. Wishful thinking. It came to the 20 week scan and the midwife said would we like to know and Jamie went “shall we just find out?”, I had no other option, this was my chance. Very clearly we saw we was having a boy, he was covering his face but had his legs wide open for us to see. And since then I couldn’t stop looking at my scan photos.

He had a cute button nose, long fingers, pouty lips and very long legs, they were off the scale every time we got him measured. I started Googling what green and brown eyes make, even apps where you put you and your partners face together to make your baby’s face. HA! what was I thinking? But what will your baby look like when they finally reach the surface. In the moment of birth your very last push or even if you had a caesarean, you get passed your baby, you don’t really look at them straight away. You don’t do this because one, your crying so much your eyes just wont focus and two, you’ll have a quick look and your baby will be going to have its first checks. What you’ve seen on TV and movies where they come out all clean and looking plump, don’t expect it.

Your first appearances of your baby they might be covered in blood and be wet from the amniotic fluid. Some may also have vernix in the folds of their skin, this is what protected their skin in the womb. You can ask if you would like your baby cleaned before they’re passed to you, I did put this in my birthing plan. However when it comes to the time you really don’t care what is on your baby. They’re here safe and your having your first bonding moment. Usually babies born before their due date will have more vernix, whereas babies born a little late like Zachary did, will have less.

The moment a baby enters the world they may look a bit purple or grey as they have yet to breathe properly. When they do they will turn a lovely pink, red colour. Zachary was lovely and pink when he entered the world but his hands and feet were very purple, after a hour passed they were nice and rosy. If your baby is born vaginally, their head may be a slightly strange shape, but don’t worry this is only temporary. Their heads go a cone shape allowing them to fit through the birth canal, but it will resolve in a few days. Zachary was born vaginally but also had ventouse which is a vacuum extraction, so his head was a little pointed but again it was temporary.

Their eyes may be swollen and their lips may be a little fish like, but can you image being squeezed through a tight hole and having lights and strange faces looking at you? I think you would look and act the same. You was all warm and safe and now your being pulled out into a world you don’t know, you need to make a big entrance. Newborns may also look like they are crossed eyed during the first 12 weeks but as their vision develops this should disappear.

Its amazing how their appearances change every week. The swelling goes down and their skin starts becoming a normal colour. Some of their hair may start falling out and new hair will start to grow. Eye lashes will start to form and their eyes will become more straight and focused.

Zachary was born 9 days late and luckily he came out perfect. He hardly had any blood on him and had no vernix. He was nice and pink except his hands and feet but I can get over that. He didn’t cry straight away so I did panic but the midwifes and all the doctors said he was fine just making a silly noise. Great, already causing trouble from the start. Then he let out a big scream, when he was passed to me. My baby, my love, I’ve never felt this love before. How perfect can someone be? He had a little hair on his head and weighed 8pound 1oz, a chunky monkey. I was told I was going to have a small baby so my last point is never listen to what the midwife says about the size of your baby just nod and say ‘ok’. What did your baby look like? And what was your first thoughts when you saw them?