Just keep swimming.

I know the last blog I did was about Zachary’s favourite activities, but I would like to share our first time swimming. Swimming is our most FAV activity, we get to splash about, and suck on daddy’s hand, who would of thought this whole pool was a free drink! Yes Zachary likes to act like a sucker fish on Jamie’s hand because I think he thinks its a big drink we all swim in. (We don’t let him drink the water if your getting concerned).

Anyway first day swimming, how exciting! My mum and dad brought us a course at a leisure centre in Nottingham for 15 weeks, so our job is to just get there. Well first you have to pack everything. He has his own little swim bag and the night before we made sure we packed the essentials. Essentials I mean a towel, just a baby towel will do, I either sat on it so it was nice and warm or we just kept it to one side so it was easier to wrap him up as soon as he came out of the water. Swim nappies (yes they are a thing), they are pull ups and they don’t swell in water! How clever. Nappies, just to change into afterwards. Baby wash and baby moisturiser, we always wash Zachary after swimming because of the chemicals in the water. The moisturiser just makes sure his skin is protected. Lastly don’t forget their swimsuit, we brought him a little all in one swimsuit, which by the way is so adorable. It has little elasticated arm and leg seals so no dirties can get out. We also made sure we had our normal changing bag, with some spare clothes in and some milk to make up when we were there. We was told that babies get really thirsty after swimming. Oh and Jamie had to pack his bag as well.

So Saturday morning came and we was all so excited but obviously Zachary didn’t have a clue what was going off. We had a normal morning, we made sure he had his breakfast so he wouldn’t be throwing a tantrum in the water, and he also likes to have a morning poo, my God could you image that following you at swimming. YUK, sorry TMI. We packed the car up and we got there about 11.15am, session starts at 11.30am. Right, how to get this swimsuit on? I mean its got to be tight but either we got the wrong size or Zac just had Michelin man style legs and arms. After about 10 minutes and a little moan because his arms got glued beside him, we got it on. Everything in the locker and Jamie took him round the corner and I sat to watch.

There’s just something about watching babies swim and wearing their little two pieces or swim shorts, if you didn’t have a baby your ovaries would definitely hurt. All their heads bobbing up and down, little arms and legs going and there is Zachary, blank, stern face looking in the distance. “I’m too big for this, why have you took me here, and what have you dressed me in”. One good thing is he didn’t cry, that’s a positive right?

Half an hour flew by and that was the session over. He did really well, Jamie I mean not Zac. HA! I met them in the shower gave him a quick wash and started to get him changed. He was all smiles and shivering … quick! Bless, he was so cold but soon to be dried and warm. He had 4oz of milk and fell straight to sleep in the car journey home.

Lessons we have learnt from this one session is that we didn’t need as much stuff, we nearly half it now. We just take his small swim bag with a spare baby grow in it and a already made bottle, they last 2 hours so saves you rushing to make one after. We used to carry a flask, milk power, bottles and cooled boiled water. That was another bag to add. I suppose your first time you pack everything, the more bags you have the more you feel like you have. However now we have the hang of it, Zachary’s little pack bag and Jamie’s bag is all we need. Makes the trip a lot easier and a lot faster especially if your going alone.

We have been to 6 sessions already and each one is he improving. His legs are starting to kick and he’s starting to crack a smile. We want him to love the water as much as his dad does, I’m not too confident in water and I don’t want to pass my fear onto him.

I would recommend going swimming with your baby, you can take them whenever you feel comfortable too, there is no age limit either. Some benefits of taking your baby swimming are,

  • Swimming is quality bonding time. Time in the pool is one of the few times when your child has your undivided attention.
  • Swimming helps to build muscles. It effectively helps to make them stronger.
  • Swimming improves coordination and balance. Because there weight is supported by water, the main focus for them is to concentrate on balance.
  • And lastly, swimming is one of the best loved family activities it starts building water confidence at a early age.

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Happy swimming little ones!