Messy hair, Coffee, Yoga pants. #momlife

This is probably the last thing you’ll think about but when you’ve been stuck inside for a few weeks or a month, you’ll start searching ‘what baby activities are in my area’. You’ve never been that person that goes out and talk to strangers or even interacts with babies but now your begging for it. There’s nothing more you want than to talk to real life adults and breathe in fresh air, I mean your a mum/dad now, you are a changed person. So with all your might and gut you’ve searched on google ‘things to do with my newborn’. Who would of thought.

So when Zachary was born we had our last discharge appointment at the midwifes, for those that don’t know what this is, this is your last appointment with your community midwife. To be honest with you it’s quite daunting, you’ve grown this relationship with her and now its time to say goodbye and get passed to the health visitor. Anyway, when you’ve been going to see your midwife did you see the play group that was going off in the other room? You look at the other kids thinking ‘awwr aren’t they cute’ and ‘omg I’m going to have one of my own soon’. Until one snotty one comes out and you think ‘omg what have I done’ HA! joking, I’m joking. However part of you knows that your going to have to join that group or a group like it, because it is good for you and for your little one. Most of them you sign up for free, some you pay a small amount for an hour or some you pay in a block and go every week.

Do some researching, you’ll be surprised what is around in your area. There will be a lot of stuff going on and you’ll be overwhelmed by it all, well I was anyway. Baby yoga, baby swimming, baby pilates, baby gymnastics, baby sensory and the list goes on. Where the hell do you start! Easy enough, do one for once a week for a couple of weeks, see if you like it and see if baby likes it. Either then add another activity on a different day of the week and so on, if not drop the one you think you don’t like and start a new one.

Zachary and I have and still are going to baby sensory on a Thursday, baby gymnastics on Friday and swimming on Saturday. I sometimes take him swimming on a Tuesday but depends how we’re both feeling, meaning what time we get up and if one of us have got up on the wrong side of the bed. Cough cough, Zachary. I was scared to go to these groups because I have no clue what I was doing, but we got up and I packed our bags making sure I had nappies, spare clothes and milk. You’ll be surprised how many new mums and dads are in the same position as you, and you never feel out of place. You automatically talk to people and within minutes your laughing and even interacting with their babies too. That’s when reality hits and you think ‘I am a changed person’. Your confidence comes out and when everyone is putting their coats on to go home, your already saying ‘see you next week’. Done, that 45 to an hour session has finished, you’ve got out and had a proper conversation and also your baby has met different people and learnt something new.

After that one you do you are now a pro. Out the door, bags packed, and rearing to go. All I can say is get out there, join groups don’t be scared or shy, your a mother! Everyone is or have been in the same situation and no one is judging. Even if you have baby sick on your shoulder, your hair looks like you’ve been dragged through a bush and you have designer bags under your eyes. I mean the attention is off you now, everyone just looks at the baby nowadays so your in the clear. Embrace the mum look and join other mums looking the same as you.

Pictures below have a link to where we do gymnastics, check if there is a leisure centre near you!