What’s happened to my baby’s face?

Where do I start. I didn’t even know this was a thing until it happened. It started as one little red spot, to loads all over his cheeks, forehead and chin. It can appear any time from birth up to a few weeks after the baby is born. It’s bumpy and can be the same colour as the baby’s skin, or a light pink colour.

It started when Zac only had a few spots then they would disappear. I didn’t really think anything of it, until more and more came. At this point the health visitor was still coming to the house and obviously I had to ask what the hell was going on with my baby’s skin. I was on ‘Doctor Google’ and that was telling me all sorts, showing me different types of rashes, spots and eczema. Well I thought the poor kid had all of them. The health visitor came, did all her checks and that was it, she couldn’t see what was up with his skin. So before she could even pack anything away I said ” Could you please tell me why my baby looks like a hormonal teenager”

She literally just went “oh don’t worry it happens to most babies”. My God don’t they think to tell new mums these things. I thought it was because I’m breathing on his sensitive skin it was flaring up bad. When there’s something up with your baby you always think ‘what have I done’ or ‘what have I done differently in the past few days’ Well it was partly my fault but there was nothing I could do about it. Breastfed babies are more likely to get baby acne because you are passing your hormones through your milk. Makes sense doesn’t it? … OMG so your telling me I’m causing his acne when he’s meant to have soft baby skin. This was awful. However she reassured me that it will disappear when he reaches 6 months! AHHHH! this conversation isn’t going the way I planned.

So ‘Doctor Google’ came back out and I was searching high and low on how I can get rid of this so called ‘baby acne’. First of all a lot of sites say don’t do anything and I know their skin is new, but I couldn’t just leave it. People visiting us started saying ‘oh he’s got a rash or something on his face’. Well excuse me Mr/Mrs know it all, but i’ll inform you its actually ‘baby acne’ and most babies get it. I needed to get this off his face. I Googled all day and all night and I found on a mum forum that this lady used ‘Aveeno Baby soothing relief cream’. Right okay, I can get that in the uk? Amazon, great!

Click the link above to have a look what I’m talking about. I also use it on my own face and its amazing! Products made for babies are the best ones to use on yourself.

Surprisingly affordable for how big the bottle is. Morning and night I put this cream on his face, its says its good for eczema too. And within 2 weeks my boy had his newborn baby skin back. I still haven’t till this day stopped using it even now I’m formula feeding, every night we do a baby massage with it all over his body to protect his sensitive skin. Trust me babies skin is worth protecting it goes through a lot in the first few months. It is also true, babies bottoms really are so smoooooooooth!!